Trial Date Set for Police Officers Involved in 2008 Alleged Beating

United States District Judge Virgina Hopkins has set a trial date for the lawsuit filed against six Birmingham police officers by Anthony Warren.  It will take place at the Hugo Black United States Courthouse in Birmingham on September 22, 2014 and address charges that accuse police of beating Warren while he lay unconscious on the ground after a police chase in 2008.  The chase, which included an injury to a Hoover police officer and Warren’s arrest, was captured by a police cruiser dashboard camera near the entrance ramp to Interstate 459 from U.S. 31.

Warren is currently serving a 20 year prison sentence but is suing Birmingham police officers Heath Boackle, Thomas Cleveland, Barrett Dewitt, David Doran, Alvin Fortson and Kenneth Prevo regarding the Jan. 23, 2008 incident.

Boackle, Cleveland, Dewitt, Doran, and Prevol were involved in Warren’s arrest following the high speed chase in Birmingham.  The chase concluded after nearly 30 minutes when Warren’s car spun out of control and rolled over.  The video showed that Warren had been ejected from the vehicle and was lying on the ground when officers began to strike him before he was placed in handcuffs.

The remaining claims against the police officers are as follows:

  • Officers Boackle, Cleveland, and Prevo:
  •  Officers Dewitt and Doran:
  •  Officer Fortson:
    •  Unlawful search and seizure