Red Light Cameras Only Good for Producing Revenue

While my practice is primarily devoted to the defense of DUI cases in Birmingham, Alabama and the surrounding areas, I find any news about traffic issues interesting.  One issue I have always disagreed with is the use of cameras to write speeding tickets and red light tickets.

Researchers at the University of South Florida discovered that red light cameras actually increased the number of accidents in Florida.  The reason for this is a driver’s tendency to try and abruptly stop at red lights.

Researchers specifically argued that the only reason for the existence of such cameras was to generate revenue for cities.  Researchers furthered argued that state and city governments should actually look at the evidence and stop making their decisions based on revenue and  should make decisions based on evidence.

In Baltimore, Maryland, city officials recently approved a $450,000 overhaul to replace existing speed cameras with new ones.  The reason for this overhaul was based on the high error rate of the old cameras.  How many tickets were given erroneously prior to the city making this discovery?

In Miami, Florida three speeding cameras issued over a 1000 speeding tickets within the first twelve days of their operation.  Each ticket nets the city $95.00.

There do not appear to be any speeding cameras in the Birmingham, Alabama area but drivers should be aware that this is a possible issue in the future.  Based on the financial issues being faced by state and local governments it should not come as a surprise to local drivers if some of these initiatives are placed into action.

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