DUI case to be re-investigated

A month-old Conecuh County DUI case is being re-investigated because, despite the driver allegedly registering a blood/alcohol content over twice the legal limit, no criminal charges were filed. A warrant has been sought by law enforcement officers pursuing the case.

Timothy Alan Treece, 49, had crashed his SUV near his Conecuh County home on February 22. After his vehicle overturned on the highway, he flagged down a passing motorist to assist him in rolling it back onto its tires. He proceeded to drive to his home, where the SUV caught fire as a result of damage sustained in the crash. Treece called 911.

Witnesses state that police had arrested Treece at the scene. But as Treece waited in a patrol car, his father-in-law arrived and phoned Conecuh-County Sherriff Edwin Booker. Treece was subsequently allowed to go free.

Typically, those suspected of DUI are taken to the county jail to be processed into the system and to await bail.

The Press-Register report can be found here.

Such irregularities may damage the state’s case against Treece, should he be formally charged with DUI. While this may not represent a typical DUI case, it does highlight the ways in which procedural anomalies can, and do, occur. If you’ve been charged with DUI, you need an attorney who can protect your rights by exploring every aspect of your situation—including whether or not the state mishandled your case.