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The Jere Beasley Report, August 2005


7 Reasons People Talk To The Police – And Why You Shouldn’t

By William White | April 26, 2018

Often, one of our first encounters with a potential client involves them telling us that the police want to talk to them. What should they do? Thankfully, they’ve gotten in touch with us before making a big mistake. What do we tell those people (and are now telling you at no charge)? If you think…

Pharmacy Negligence

By William White | April 18, 2018

Someone who does not feel well books an appointment with a doctor. During the exam, a doctor diagnoses the patient and prescribes him some medication. The patient takes a doctor’s prescription to the pharmacy, where the pharmacist verifies the patient’s condition and medical history and fills the correct prescription. The patient returns home and takes…

Alabama Death Penalty Sentencing in Jeopardy

By William White | January 13, 2016

On January 12, 2016, the United States Supreme Court in the case of Hurst v. Florida ruled that Florida’s existing death penalty sentencing structure is unconstitutional. The reason for this ruling is Florida allows judges to override a jury’s determination of the appropriate sentence in a capital murder case. In other words, even if a…

Southaven, MS Man Killed After Encounter With Police on LSD

By William White | July 22, 2015

Troy Goode, a healthy, 30-year old engineer with a wife and infant son, was, among many other things, a lifelong Widespread Panic fan. Like many who grew up listening to the band’s shows, and even those who grew up around a friend who constantly played the ‘Spread (perhaps to their annoyance), attending a Panic concert…

Operation T-Bone: Alabama’s Crackdown on Food Stamps Fraud

By William White | June 4, 2015

Teams of Alabama law enforcement officials this morning executed 242 search warrants and made 17 arrests as part of “Operation T-Bone,” an extensive, multi-agency crackdown on food stamps fraud. Investigators filed for forfeiture and condemnation of 11 stores alleged to be involved in the fraud, totaling over $1 million in assets. The Jefferson County District…

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