Parental Rights

Natural parents in Alabama have the right to raise their children. It is presumed that a minor child’s best interest is served by having regular contact with their parents.  However, a parent can voluntarily give up their parental rights or a court can extinguish parental rights involuntarily.  The most common example of someone giving up their parental rights voluntarily is when a man gives up their parental rights voluntarily in exchange for not having to pay child support.

Involuntary termination of parental rights is a drastic measure that can only occur in a limited number of circumstances.  However, the juvenile courts of Alabama can terminate one’s rights as a parent based on the following factors:

  1. Abandonment of the minor child,
  2. Mental lllness of the parent preventing proper care of child,
  3. Habitual drunkenness or use of drugs preventing proper care of child,
  4. Abuse of the child,
  5. Conviction of harming another child,
  6. Willfull neglect,
  7. Failure to provide for child’s basic needs and support,
  8. Failure to regularly exercise child visitation.

Before your parental rights can be terminated, you must be given a hearing to defend yourself.  Call our Birmingham parental rights attorneys at Parkman White, LLP to provide you representation in your parental rights hearing.

Are you seeking to have someone’ parental rights terminated?

Do you feel your child has been abused or abandoned by your ex?  Do you worry about your child’s safety when they are with the other parent?  If so, you may want to consider filing a petition with Alabama’s juvenile courts to terminate your ex’s parental rights.

The court considers the factors listed above in deciding whether to terminate one’s rights as a parent, and such hearings can be hotly contested.  Let our Birmingham family law attorneys help you through the process to protect your most valuable asset – your child.  Contact us today at 205-502-2000.