Domestic Violence

Birmingham Domestic Violence Lawyer – Defending Your Rights

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Aggressive prosecutors will try to make an example of you if you face domestic violence charges in Alabama. But our Birmingham domestic violence lawyers won’t let them. You have Constitutional rights that must be defended no matter the charges you face:

  • Felony domestic violence
  • A second, third, or additional charge of domestic violence
  • Domestic violence involving a sex crime
  • Possible injunction violation
  • Accusations of domestic violence to influence divorce and custody proceedings
  • Domestic violence against someone other than a spouse or romantic partner
  • Charges of domestic violence involving a gun crime

When you contact Parkman White, LLP you will get to speak directly with a lawyer who knows all the intricacies of Alabama law. But, in addition to vast legal knowledge, your domestic violence attorney will be a member of one of the most successful criminal defense law firms in the nation. Parkman White, LLP will defend against all charges related to domestic violence.  Our attorneys will do everything legally possible to get your case dismissed, evidence suppressed and your charges dropped. However, if your case does go to trial, you will have a trial attorney with a record of success from a law firm that has a history of excellence in criminal law. Call us now at (205) 502-2000.

Let an Alabama Criminal Defense Attorney Answer all Your Questions

Our criminal defense law firm can offer you comprehensive answers to all of your questions about Alabama domestic violence law. We know how to best defend your rights because we have the legal knowledge, experience, and commitment you would expect of defense attorneys at Parkman White, LLP.

When you contact us, you will get a criminal lawyer who knows that people are often charged with “domestic violence” for vague reasons. However, we also know that Alabama law is very strict regarding such charges. Your case may be legally questionable but Birmingham police, Jefferson County law enforcement, Alabama prosecutors, and your accuser may behave as if you are already guilty. They may seek harsh punishment against you even though their case is weak. Without the right defense attorney on your side, you may be unfairly convicted of domestic violence in Alabama. This can result in significant prison time, restrictions on your ability to own a firearm, a restraining order against you, and other consequences that can permanently alter your life. To minimize your risk of these and others punishments, call (205) 502-2000 to speak with an experienced Birmingham domestic violence lawyer today.