Criminal Defense

Experienced Birmingham Criminal Defense Attorneys

Experienced in State and Federal Criminal Law

The criminal attorneys at Parkman White, LLP have a well-deserved reputation for excellence in criminal defense. Our lawyers have successfully defended clients against criminal charges throughout Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, Michigan, California and many other states in the nation.  We have vast experience—and a long record of success—defending clients against criminal charges in Alabama courts, state and Federal courts and in nationally significant cases. Our experience has helped thousands of clients. Now we can use that experience to help you.

Skilled Birmingham Criminal Lawyers for Defense Against all Charges in Alabama

Our resources and reach are national. We offer rigorous defense against criminal charges wherever our clients happen to be. This includes Birmingham. Whether you face charges in Europe, Oregon, New York or right here in Birmingham, you can be confident in this: a Birmingham criminal attorney with our firm will provide exceptional defense against all criminal charges including:

Whatever criminal charges that have been brought against you in Birmingham, our criminal defense attorneys are skilled at defending your rights.

Prosecutors Are Aggressive; You Need a Proactive Defense

A Birmingham criminal attorney at Parkman White, LLP will prepare your case for court and will offer you an exceptionally aggressive and rigorous defense if your case goes to trial. But, our lawyers may be able to get the charges against you dropped. In many cases we can determine that the police officers or other Alabama law enforcement officials violated your rights during an arrest or investigation. We will also work hard to find holes in the prosecution’s case against you. We will tenaciously defend your rights against your accusers. The lawyers of Parkman White, LLP will be on your side against the longest odds and most complex criminal charges.