Child Injuries

Child Injuries

Negligent Supervision and Other Tortious Conduct

Children represent society’s most treasured and most vulnerable constituents. They are very susceptible to accidental injury, and the effects of such injury can be devastating, sometimes lingering for the duration of the child’s life. When parents take their children to places like schools and daycares, they leave them with the understanding that those places will take care of the children and protect them. Unfortunately, sometimes this does not happen due to the negligence of people working at these facilities.

If the negligent supervision of another has left your child injured, you need a experienced child injury attorney to help get you the compensation you need and deserve. The lawyers of Parkman White, LLP will fight for you to make sure the responsible parties are held accountable.

Child injuries can occur in a variety of ways. Trauma is the leading cause of death in children over the age of one. Child injuries stem from birth injuries, animal attacks, burn injuries, orthopedic injuries, falling, poisoning, choking, auto accidents, sports injuries, playground injuries, defective products and many other incidents. Most unintentional child injuries could have been avoided if proper precautions had been taken. Private litigation is one of the most important tools for making the world a safer place for children.

The damages in a child injury case can get very complex, as it is hard to project the future impact an injury will have on a child. Birmingham attorneys Parkman White, LLP will assess your case, evaluate potential liability and fight to recover all applicable damages suffered by your child and your family. We can help recover financial compensation for past and future medical bills, pain and suffering, mental anguish, lost wages, disfigurement and funeral costs in wrongful death cases.

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