Boating Accidents

Boating Accidents

Liability on the Waterway

Spending the day on a boat at the lake or the beach is one of the most fun and relaxing activities we can enjoy. However, sometimes things go wrong due to another boater’s recklessness or negligence. Other boaters may be unfamiliar with the rules of the waterway, be intoxicated, or simply be reckless on the water. Boating injuries can be very serious, and 58% of fatal boating accidents occur in open motorboats.  The attorneys at Parkman White, LLP have the tools and resources to help make you whole after another person’s negligence has left you injured.

The main cause of boating accidents is operator error or inexperience. Especially on a crowded holiday weekend, many boaters will be navigating a vessel for the first time, and many will not have been properly licensed or trained. Also, intoxicated boaters cause a large number of boating accidents.

Boating accidents can occur in a variety of ways, including over-manning of the vessel, capsizing, and collisions with people, fixed objects and other vessels. The best way to prevent a boating accident is to be vigilant in keeping an eye out for other boats and navigating at a rate of spend that allows you to maneuver safely if the unexpected pops up. However, sometimes another boater’s dangerous and negligent operating of the vessel will inevitably result in collision. When this happens, you need an expert injury attorney to fight for you.

If you’ve been injured in a boating accident due to another person’s wrongful conduct, call Birmingham attorneys Parkman White, LLP today. We can evaluate your case, assess potential liability, and investigate your claim with an eye towards litigation. We know how to deal with insurers, and we are aggressive in the courtroom. We want to put our skills, expertise and resources to work for you. Contact us today at 205-502-2000 for a free consultation.